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Governor Signs Budget Closing $380 Million Deficit

 On May 15, Governor Dannel Malloy signed into law SB 543An Act Concerning Revisions To The State Budget For Fiscal Year 2019 And Deficiency Appropriations For Fiscal Year 2018, a bill that closes the approximately $380 million FY 18 deficit and makes adjustments to the FY 19 budget.  


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CHA Conference Focuses on Environmental Factors of Asthma

May is allergy and asthma awareness month, and last week CHA and the Connecticut State Department of Public Health’s Asthma Program co-sponsored the program, A Closer Look at Asthma:  Innovation and Strategies for the Future.


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What Patients Can Teach Us About Social Determinants in Behavioral Health

In behavioral health, social determinants is something we look at, but many of us haven’t made it a part of our everyday language.  We know social factors have an impact, but because of how broadly defined they are, finding the next steps to take can be difficult.


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