Smoke-Free Hospital Campus Initiative


In 2008, smoke-free hospital campus initiatives were gaining momentum across the U.S.  At the time, annual state healthcare costs directly related to smoking totaled $1.63 billion, $430 million of which was paid by Medicaid.  It was estimated that smoking caused a loss of productivity that cost Connecticut $1,017 billion per year. 

In an effort to improve the health of Connecticut residents and be a leader in the statewide effort to reduce smoking deaths, Connecticut hospitals sent an important message by adopting a smoke-free campus policy.

In 2008, the Committee on Human Resources recommended that the CHA Board of Trustees approve an initiative encouraging all hospitals to adopt smoke-free campus policies.

Board Action

In 2008, the CHA Board of Trustees adopted a statewide smoke-free campus initiative, with the following goals:

  • that all member acute care hospitals agree by November 15, 2008 (Great American Smokeout Day) to strive toward implementation of smoke-free campus policies
  • that all member acute care hospitals implement, by November 15, 2010, smoke-free campus policies prohibiting the sale and use of tobacco products in all areas and on the grounds of the hospital.

Resources and Tools

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