Annual Meeting

2015 CHA Annual Meeting

Connecticut Hospitals: Leading the Journey to Better Care, Better Health, Lower Costs

The Connecticut Hospital Association welcomed 600 hospital CEOs, senior hospital administrators, physicians, and other key hospital and healthcare decision makers to its 97th Annual Meeting, held June 30, 2015, at the Aqua Turf Club in Southington.

Board Chairman Bruce Cummings, President/CEO, Lawrence + Memorial Hospital, discussed achievements over the course of the year in the areas of patient safety, mental health, population health management, and collaboration.  “Our groundbreaking work in patient safety has accelerated and spread to the point that we now have tens of thousands of people trained in high reliability science – a success story we could hardly have imagined when we began four years ago,” said Mr. Cummings.  He also described how hospitals identified mental health system improvements as a top priority, and went on to successfully advocate for Community Care Teams – integrated teams of hospital representatives and community partners who work together to address a patient’s needs holistically.  As well, Mr. Cummings discussed how hospitals are advancing population health, addressing the burden of asthma and the problem of increasing opioid addiction in our communities through statewide clinical initiatives.

Jennifer Jackson, CEO, CHA, highlighted how hospitals’ work in quality and patient safety is transforming care and setting Connecticut hospitals apart as leaders.  She also discussed hospitals’ ongoing commitment to improving health equity and eliminating health disparities.  “As our country grieves heartbreaking acts of violence and has conversations about race, discrimination, and advancing civil rights for all, we are reminded of our opportunity and obligation to engage in the most fundamental form of social justice by providing healthcare that results in equal access and outcomes,” said Ms. Jackson.  “We are proud of our commitment to health equity and diversity but humbled by how much more there is to do.  We must be resolute in our focus on eliminating disparities and improving the health of those most vulnerable.”

In their remarks, both Mr. Cummings and Jennifer Jackson emphasized Connecticut hospitals’ role both as a healthcare safety net and economic driver.  They reinforced hospitals’ commitment to continue working in Hartford to build a sensible, sustainable, and properly funded healthcare environment. 

After the business meeting, which also included the presentation of the Annual Meeting awards, attendees heard from guest speaker Katty Kay, lead anchor of BBC World News America.  Ms. Kay discussed critical issues around the world and the need for America to step up as a leader. “What the world needs is a strong America,” she said.  “We have to have an America that can look at sensible reforms.  We need to stay a superpower by educating the next generations, and we have to have politicians who can make strong decisions.”

CHA gratefully acknowledges the generous Annual Meeting sponsorship of our Platinum Sponsor, Credit Suisse.

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