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Patient and Family Experience Highlighted at Nurse Leadership Forum

At CHA’s 17th Annual Nurse Leadership Forum, keynote speaker Tiffany Christensen described how her experience as a patient who underwent multiple lung transplants due to cystic fibrosis shaped her views about how to engage patients more effectively in their own care.

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CHA Hosts Population Health Academy

CHA hosted the Population Health Academy, which provided an introduction to population health using case studies, real-life workplace applications, and a review of U.S. healthcare organization and administration, quality and safety, health economics, data analytics, and prevention and chronic disease management.  


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CHA Program Addresses Social Determinants of Health

On Thursday, November 2, 2017, CHA will host Improving Health Equity: Addressing Social Determinants of Health.  The sixth annual health equity symposium will feature a keynote presentation by Rishi Manchanda, MD, MPH, physician, healthcare leader, and author of The Upstream Doctors.  


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